LSD 4 tabs taken orally

It all started at 6:00, Met up with supplier, bought the LSD tabs and immediately into my mouth they went. I then proceeded to my friends house to play some ball hockey. When I arrive we all get into his vehicle to pick up more people for hockey, once we are all assembled, I can feel it starting to kick in, A little bit of tingling in my limbs and core. I quickly decided at the last minute (about an hour and fifteen minutes in) to head back to my house instead of playing hockey to be with my girlfriend. I rush back to my car in order to get home before it kicked in. I didn't. After managing to get half way home, I see a tim hortons, Obviously I needed a coffee so I made a pitstop to grab a cup of joe.

When I finally arrive at my apartment building an older lady is entering the building at the same time, I make some small talk, despite the acid being in full effect by now. Get in the elevator and head up to my floor when the doors open here comes my first wave of visuals, the hallway (about 20 feet in either direction) appeared to be endless, I make my way to my apartment and surprise my girlfriend who did not expect me home all night (Who also had no idea that I was on acid by the way) I sit down trying to cover up my huge grin which was impossible, She asked several times throughout the night for me to stop smiling, even jokingly told me that she was breaking up with me, still a hard smile on my face. We settle down and she throws on a movie, Which happened to be Hop, a colorful easter movie, Perfect choice I thought, I stared at the painting leaning up against the wall (could only see the back of the painting) as it changed shape, bulged and contorted. The colors on the tv screen so bright and vivid, I nearly cry in ecstasy.

About an hour and a half later the movie is over, I am still very high and my girlfriend still has no clue, She goes and runs a bath whilst I dance around the apartment with a pair of silk scarves that I usually wear as bandanas, Had too much fun doing this. She then invites me into the bedroom and I can tell that she is in 'the mood' We do our thing (which is AMAZING when high as balls) and settle down to watch another movie, this time of my choice, I chose to put on Hair. Another great choice, Singing along driving my girlfriend crazy, the usual. The trees in the movie turning from purple, to blue to green as I gazed upon the screen. Once the movie ended I was still wide awake, as she fell asleep I stared up at the celling and watched as the patterns on the roof danced and shifted. Around midnight I sneak out of the bed and sit on the porch overlooking the town lights, a beautiful scene for sure, All the trees have a halo of light around them, passing car's headlights seem to trail on like comets. I stare for a good three hours smoking cigarettes and drinking the remainder of my bottle of wine until about 3 AM when I finally try to force myself to sleep, which was a lot harder than I had planned on because I still lied there staring at the roof for what felt like hours.

All and all a very magical experience.

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