LSD & DMT trip

My friend returned from California. He brought some great LSD. One day about a week ago I ate 6 or 7 hundred mcg.
I came up some noticeably, and hard, within twenty minutes. I was at a friends house in a suburban setting, in a dingy basement. I was tripping hard within 45 minutes. I had to get to a new and better environment. The dirty basement was too much for me to tolerate. I went down town with a friend. We walked around and talked to random people, spread the love. I had a couple beers and listened to a few street musicians, browsed the head-shops and crystal store, took in all the sights and sounds. Our world was glowing!

I left down town and my buddy to go home then drive 15 miles to get herbs. I ate 2 more. I felt the extra dose very quickly. I also smoked a very small amount of extremely pure DMT. Just enough to boost the acid a little, no breakthrough was achieved. A side note on this DMT- I made it by accident! I had saved some yellow colored naphtha after finishing a batch of DMT. I had tried for a week straight to freeze precipitate the DMT from it, but I couldn't get it to happen. I took the dish out of the freezer and left it out in open air so I could separate ice from the naptha. I forgot about the dish. The next day I looked and there were beautiful amber shards! I was overjoyed, I was totally out of DMT at the time and this was a small blessing.

Anyway, I left my house to go to my friends house to get herb. Its a long drive. It didn't seem to take any time at all and I was just in the music zone all the 15 miles or so. I got to his house and he knew I was tripping. We watched TV a few minutes then went outside to a shed like area. Inside this area my friend's grandmother holds a weird perpetual estate/yard sale type thing and she had a couple nice old paisley style blankets that looked cool, as well as some
native american indian stuff. We chilled and ripped the bong until I flipped out about flying insects with stingers and my friend didn't want to be around bugs either, so we went inside. My friend and I talked about all kinds of out-there stuff, his dad made steak. We stayed up smoking bong rip after rip until I noticed it was almost 3 AM. It was a nice relaxing evening with Lucy, but I was ready for it to end. I went home. By this time I was mostly all the way down, but the effects of my psychedelic buffet lingered till I went to sleep. Just a little good chemical love is all most of us need to learn life's meaning.

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