Great acid trip

So, there were somewhere between 10-20 of us in the jungle in mexico to celebrate the full moon, and the ending of a chapter of our journey, the beginning of the new. The previous 5 months weвЂd all met each other at different points on our journey around mexico, like a family. The 2 days prior to this I had been fasting on only water, and to get to this area in the jungle it was a 2.5 km walk in the heat, along with fasting, and carrying a 20kg backpack and more, so when I arrived to our destination I was already in my own dimension. While everyone prepared everything around me I relaxed in my hamac, next thing I knew it was dark, and the only person there who I had never met before was offering me half a tab of acid. Why not? So I place the acid in my mouth. There was an area with music, people spinning led pois, walking on stilts, and mystical creatures. The jungle. And then the fire show.

When talking to people it felt that if I looked at them and tried to listen I couldn't make out clearly what was being said, but if I listened without focusing I could hear another conversation going on, one that wasn't verbal, this non verbal conversation was between the whole group, visible and audible, but if you TRIED to listen to it, it would disappear, you had to find a way yourself to listen to it slightly out of focus.information about LSD The guy who had given me the acid then came and started talking to me saying somehow talking in code that everyone around us was aliens, and then I could see it, the different characteristics, each from different planets. Throughout the night I was a bit confusional, things unclear, but beautiful. I was able to see emotions I was denying I had to myself by observing my body language with certain people. Then I thought I could hear other people discussing what I was thinking. When I looked around what I felt is that we were all a tribe from very ancient times or from another world, we were living this human experience to help humanity as a whole, and that with the acid we shifted our awareness so that we could support each other throughout these difficult times and also to discuss worldly affairs to accelerate the effect of this world become a better place. Then the sun begins to rise, slowly, weвЂre delighted, and another tab of acid is fed to me. Laughing all the way. Throughout the day many revelations come to me. What I see is that all of us humans are cells, moving around in a great organism, all doing our best for the survival of the whole. This is very visible to me on my trip because nobody has a clue what is going on on a rational level, but somehow we are all communicating with each other, and things are getting done: food is being made, dishes washed, water pumped from the well, all of it. If anyone is having a bad trip they know to say cacao and another family member will come to them. The love that we all are and all feel to each other is palpable. Later on my friend whoвЂs birthday it was tells me in a perfect moment, when my head is confusional that if i need somewhere to relax and rest theres somewhere nice and points me in the direction, as if she could read/feel my state of mind. I see her walking off, she looks like a fairy nymph in the forest, in her beautiful orange dress, i follow her and we come up in this magical fairyland area. Pure magic.

My experience with the acid is it helps also to dissolve the ego, the idea that anything belonged to anyone and not to the group as a whole would always make us laugh. It seemed ridiculous that anyone should ask anything for anyone, everything was everyones. I saw how often the ego interferes with communication, how sometimes we don't verbalize things because our ego judges them as silly or inadequate, so we refrain, or how sometimes we don't fully hear what is being said because the ego is busy thinking about its opinion on the matter rather than just listening. Because when taking acid the mind cannot work in rational way, anytime id try to think about my discussions with people, id become clueless, but if i didn't think, and just let whatever comes flow out of my mouth, without even thinking about what i was saying, the conversation would flow, and weвЂd come to great revelations. It was like we were also all communicating telepathically almost. Many interesting spiritual and insightful topics were being discussed by all, but not all together, people were in groups of 2 or 3 discussing, but in this manner everything was somehow being discussed by everyone also, the topics wold travel around the camp. It showed me how as humans we each do our little part, and without even trying this benefits the whole. It showed me how strong this interconnection and interdepence of humanity is, and how when we let go of the ego and let everything flow easily everyone prospers much more than if each was only living for themselves. information about LSDWhen IвЂd be having a conversation with one person, if i could somehow alter my focus, id also be able to pick pieces out of everyone else's conversations around me that contributed to my conversation. Then IвЂd feel the energy stagnate, the flow of conversation would stop, without thinking id move around the jungle and id always encounter something very interesting, a new interesting topic. By following some sort of energy flow IвЂd end up exactly where I needed to be.What I really really saw in this trip is that when we let go of the rational mind and the ego, and just follow the energy flow, without thinking about it, everything falls into place.
Then there were the usual psychedelic feelings I get of wondering where I was? How did I get there? Would I be able to leave ever? I donвЂt want to leave this place, I want to stay here forever! Lost perception of time and space.
I also saw that by flowing and letting go of the ego everything everyone wanted appeared in front of them without asking, and because we all brought everything we had to the party, and everything was everyones, supplies lasted for a couple of days: cigarettes, food, music, drinks, grass, all of it. Anytime id want something all i had to do was look in front of me, or ask somebody and together, everything manifested.

Finally what I felt is that with psychedelics we use the brain in a way we donвЂt usually in everyday life, this exercises the brain in ways its not used to do. Exercising it this way might activate pathways making them more available in the future. I really feel were using them as a tool to help accelerate the change of humanity into what weвЂre going to become.

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