My LSD Trip Report in combination with DMT

LSD Trip Report 2

My story begins one snowy night around 8 pm. I got home from getting 1.5g DMT.
I had saved up several 10-strips and decided, since the snow was starting to become very intense, that I would have a "trip the fuck out" night. I ate 1 square from each strip of perforated blotter. Grateful dead print, a forest scene, some psychedelic art, and plain white- it was a variety. I don't even remember some, obviously. I happily and anxiously anticipated the combination I was about to embark on.

It's about 11:30 and the acid's really starting to work on me. I start to gear up for an adventure. Outside the snow was still falling. By this point there was nearly a foot accumulated already, and no sign of stopping.
I gathered my scrambled wits and go out for a walk. I carry all the necessary supplies- the thin glass pipe to vape the DMT, a bowl which I had forgotten was in my hand, and of course the dmt (I weighed one dose and had it in cellophane for whenever I was ready).
I walk around the neighborhood. There are trees down. The snow at the bottom of my hill comes up to my knees. I press on.
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At some point, transistors started blowing up or something. It was causing an eerie blue-green glow in the sky, which the snow only served to amplify. I keep walking around, exploring the winter wonderland and the crazy light, not to mention the LSD. As I neared the peak of the acid I started heading home from my walk. When I arrived I packed the DMT and stood in the only place I was not standing in nearly 2 feet of snow: under my deck. I faced the backyard. The neighbor's yard has several large pine trees on the other side of my clear back yard. I plant my feet in the snow by my wood-pile, hold up the DMT pipe and begin to heat it.

I feel myself being pulled through the usual kaleidoscopic tunnel. It was more intense than usual already since I was on LSD and at the peak. This time I reached the end of the tunnel- I achieved a dreamy, "vision like" state. I Was spoken to by a female spirit whose aura was a mix of purple, dark green and pale yellow.
I was engulfed by her voice. What she actually said to me is hazy, the jist of it however, was that the world belonged to spirit not man. Next I found myself among a Native American medicine ceremony- 3 masked shaman or spirits or maybe "spirit shaman" is a good description. They were chanting and dancing around a campfire. They had an almost alien energy to them, so completely spiritual that they were anti-human. Maybe these are the spirits that the indian shaman spoke and communed with long ago...
Certainly not just a hallucination. As The DMT wore down I started noticing my physical surroundings again, like riding a slow elevator back down to the physical plane, I saw the spirits slowly fading into the 3 pine trees in my neighbor's back yard. The wind blew hard. It was cold. As soon as I could comprehend the experience I had already returned to this realm. The rest of the evening I felt the acid more strongly than I normally would after a peak. I got a sled out and enjoyed the snow and ice on the road. Got to sled very
fast this night on ice on my steeply inclined road. Sleds+ LSD = the most fun ever.

The experience confirmed truths I already understood, but with such intensity that I will never forget. I can't wait to break through the veil into the DMT dimension again.
If you "hallucinate" it, whatever it is, then it was always there. Nothing changed except how the viewer is seeing.

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