LSD Trip Experience

After a night out with the friends on Halloween I returned home for a good sleep. On my desk I saw my little package of LSD that I had bought earlier that evening. Hmm. How awesome would it be to drop a hit on Halloween? I took it out, put it under my tongue and waited. I called some of my friends and biked to the Cornerstone. I met up with them at around midnight. I gave my friend a hit of LSD as well. I was feeling quite generous. After an hour I still didnвЂt feel anything, so we called a taxi. I and three of my friends headed off downtown. Our taxi driver was a middle aged man, a Fedora hat and a huge beard. He was playing Jazz music and it was quite entertaining. We got downtown and walked around for a bit. We went into McDonalds and sat down and ordered some foo. It was super busy; everyone was at clubs, and out and about for Halloween night. I had brought some paper and pens in my bag, because it was my first time dropping acid, and I thought I might draw some interesting things. I gave m friend a pen and paper and he started drawing like crazy. He was scribbling like he was mad. He drew a figure on the page, and drew a massive eye in the middle of his forehead. I thought I should try and draw and see if my creativeness was different at all. I look at my page for a few minutes and it stayed blank. I looked over and my friend was busy talking to some girls. One of them introduced herself to me, and her name was Andrea. I was really intrigued by her. I started drawing her and this is what I drew:

drawn images on lsd

She said to me “I hope thatвЂs not what I look like” and we laughed.
After we got their numbers, we headed down the street. A man dressed up as the God Thor came up to me. I donвЂt remember much of the conversation, as the LSD had started to work its magic. Well to sum it up, he said he was from another galaxy. What?! How was this possible? I asked him how to get there but he wouldnвЂt tell me. I was in total shock that I was speaking to a God from “Electric Universe.”
He continued to mess with me for a few more minutes, and then went on his way. We met a man dressed up as the president. He was on a lot of something. Not sure what though! He kept telling me a quote and yelling it at me. I canвЂt remember it all but it went like “I will not fight for you, I will fall for you.”
We went down the road to Burger King. Inside we met some first nation girls. One of them told us her dad went to residential school, and I was so intrigued by the conversation. I was leaning in to the Table, on the edge of my seat in eagerness. I pulled out my paper to draw, and I saw all my pens had exploded. They didnвЂt work! I had a few pills of MDMA on me at the time, so my fiend was messing with me and said, “If you split a pill with me, your pens will work again. Seems reasonable. So I had half a pill and what do you know? My pen started working! At this point in the night, my pupils were incredibly dilated. Here they are in Burger King:

picture of pupil during lsd trip

I met a man named UV. He said UV like the sun rays. he was Spanish and had a great accent. At this time, a bunch of tweakers and people on meth, and multiple drug dealers started hanging around Burger King. I started getting really anxious, which is unusual for me. I started freaking out and got my friends to leave. We headed back the community I live in, and out of downtown. We walked for around an hour and it was beautiful. The streets felt like they never ended. The street lights reflected of the rain water, and the roads curved around every corner. it was truly amazing. My friend is kind of a jerk, and thought it would be funny to pull a knife on me†Well he did and I just started laughing. I didnвЂt really care. Well I got my bike from where I left it at the corner store and started to bike home. It was around 3 AM. The pitch blackness outside was very haunting.

The leaves on the trees were rustling in the wind. It sounds like hissing snakes, and I swear they were alive. I could picture little teeth on them. I was starting to peak around then. I kept biking. It was really weird because the sound of my bike tires on the wet road sounded like it was coming from above my head. A van pulled out of a driveway and I freaked out. I thought I was going to be abducted. My mind wasnвЂt working right, I speed up the road and pulled into my driveway. I threw my bike down in the middle of the yard and ran inside. I jumped into bed and shut off the lights. Big mistake. I was really freaking out. I ran and turned them back on and I was more scared then I have ever been in my life. I tried to sleep. Not even remotely possible. I looked at my arm, and it looked like I had painted myself red. Then I felt an itching inside my skin. A Large diamond shaped 3 dimensional object started growing out of me. It had a faint trace of an eye in the center. Here is a picture I drew of it a few weeks later:

picture while on lsd

I continued trying to sleep, with out success. Then all of a sudden, the world around me melted. I was a liquid swirling around my room with no division between anything. Everything was one. It was like the whole world was consuming me. I stayed in this state for over 2 hours and then I started to come down. Those 2 hours felt like days. And the whole time, a pure feeling of fear was imbedded in me. I took a shower and went to eat. I felt like an alien. Everything was so weird, inside and out. I tried to eat, but everything I tasted was like rubber. I went back to my room and started to draw. I drew for hours. I have a large collection of poems and drawing I made that day. After this, I helped my dad take some stuff to the garbage dump. Everything we put in the bins felt like such a waste. An old light fixture look like it held an amazing beauty, and could be turned into art. Everyday objects seemed to hold a potential for beauty. We went home, and I curled up in bed and finally fell asleep. 16 hours of tripping deserved a well earned sleep. I slept over 24 hours! I have to say this was one of the scariest experiences of my life. I donвЂt remember all of the night, but it was very intense. Started out amazing and turned into a bad trip very quickly. As advice to any first time trippers, be ready to question reality. Thanks for reading my trip report!

drawing while trippign on lsd

Stay safe and have fun!


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