Some wonderful lsd

in january 11 2013 i took 3.5 hits of some wonderful lsd i got the previous year from a friend.

i took the doses outside in a ranch hoping to play my didgeridoo and look up at the galaxies during the trip.

i started feeling the lsd at around 10:30 or so i felt amazing like i was having a full body orgasm. i went into my bus ( we turned a school bus into a fake home) to lay down next to my wife and i felt like i melted into her. after a while i layed down just feeling everything and she went to sleep.

i layed next to her just feeling soooo much and thinking then i noticed my thinking was getting really out of hand i was thinking some bizarre shit.

before i know it i was gone. i was in a void analyzing everything. i was not a human but had become pure consciousness i was able to travel to different dimensions and universes and in this void i was literally thrown into it and told here you go now create life. at this moment i realized i used to be something but what was i?

was i a person? was i an animal, a plant who am i? i am life. but is this reality? what is reality have i just been created or have i always just been a thought and i finally woke up and realized my true nature. at this moment i remembered i use to be a person i remembered my wife and that other people where living in a city and living their lives all around me and i needed to get back.

i thought i was stuck. before going in i was told remember all those other times when i told you the meaning of life? remember how you where never able to remember afterwards? remember how you weren't able to say it aloud during? well here it is the whole truth but there is no going back. suddenly i was traveling through a vortex watching reality peel back and going through alternate dimension ( i think) all i could see is that it went on forever and fractaled back into its self
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i thought i had become pure consciousness and that was it. i had to start creating life, planets, universes i f i didn't want to me in a void for eternity. i then was thrust into a different paced experienced i had been given complete control but i was too in shock to know what to do it had happened to suddenly so it put me in a sort of roller coaster kind of experience where i had no control and it was taking me along for the ride which was good because i did not know what to do on my own yet.

first it told me everything is life wether it was a plant a animal or a human everything was life and everything is connected by it because everything runs on the same life. it is in a sense impossible to kill life because to do so every living thing has to be destroyed completely at the same time. when something dies new life emerges. it is an endless cycle.

i was made to experience everything from all of the suffering that has happened to all the joy to feeling what it is to be hunted or hunt to even feeling what it is life to be a plant and even the soil. i had to experience everything.

at the point that i started being reborn and dying and reborn and living as everything that has ever existed it kept telling me this is your past life. you have been everything, you are everything and will always be everything in this reality and the next. it is all one life force. after some time in this loop living for multiple eternities i suddenly opened my eyes and saw myself sitting under a tree doing what i believe to be meditation then i realized i look like buddha at which point i realized it was showing me what he went through or putting me in his shoes so to speak. i sat there peacefully like buddha looks in every painting and sculpture then i heard " now look at this" and buddha started laughing hysterically and could not stop. he/i was not enjoying himself. buddha was losing his mind, his grip on reality and he didnt know what was going on and was very scared ( i had forgotten i was tripping and also though myself i was going crazy).
it kept going and basically said buddha lived a miserable life. he made a lot of sacrifice but he was not the peaceful happy guy that people think. he was a normal human being in every way and according to my lsd trip was a bit crazy.

then i was born i dont remember as what but i grew up with my wife but she was me. we lived all our life and died together then we where born again and lived but as something different and it kept happening again and again and thats when i saw i had already spent an eternity with her we turned into one person or being at that moment there was nothing separating us in any way shape or form. i had just experienced eternity and i came back into the void where i had to keep experiencing eternity at this moment i was told again create and i moved one arm and then another and suddenly i was manifesting millions of arms all around me moving alone and enveloping me then behind them where structure forming and slowly they disappeared into the void. i had just created all of that by moving my arms once!

but again i thought i was stuck in this void and that i would never see my wife again or myself for that matter then i was able to stop the trip dead in its tracks i was sober as could be and i forgot i had taken anything and i thought i was going crazy and saw my self going crazy at the same time then i decided to stand up and get out of bed and as i do this it feels like i'm floating and i turn around and see my body in the bed. HOLY SHIT! i have to get back in my body before i get lost so i did. i know i could have created more in the void and probably even explore the universe when i left my body but i was not ready for that at this moment. anyways at this point i come back into my body.

i was breathing heavily and my wife woke up and immediately told me everything you just experienced is true it is all true but its ok because you will come back and we will live a long happy life its ok smile and be happy. Its was like she could read my mind she knew everything i was experienced and had been plugged into to that all along it was like that pure consciousness was communicating with me through her she allowed me to understand what was happening and make me happy. after she told me everything was going to be ok i smiled and i started crying, i couldn't believe it ! this life was real and i was going to be able to finish living it it was the happiest moment of my life.
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she started getting me to look at the hearts forming on the windows ( she was completely sober through all of this by the way) and i did then i saw the leaves and there where 2 that where together and about to fall and disintegrate and at that moment i knew i would live and die with her and i couldn't be happier i felt like in our next life we would come back as one being not 2 separate ones.

after a while she kept talking to me but suggested we go outside so i got up and the bus was dark but i had no visuals at all then i felt a voice saying " want to see something cool" and the bus lit up instantly and the seats where covered in fur and it was millions of colors as well as being tilted to the side so it was a mission and a half to get out of it but finally i got outside and the sky was deep blue and streaks of purple with millions of starts and galaxies along with millions of fractals in the sky. the sky was also covered in a pattern that looked like it was almost rippling water but it was so beautiful.

at this point my wife told me to go crazy and dance to have fun so i did i started throwing my arms everywhere and just moving and when ever i would thrust my body in a direction it would start from my feet to my head that my whole body would turn into squiggles that where of all colors and i would explode and parts of me where sent out into the universe. by dancing i was spreading my life out into the universe. i was able to see the vibrations of everything around me even the air i felt perfection and i saw the perfection in everything. i was able to manifest and work with everything.

i also felt the need to change i had to be productive like my life depended on it ( which it does but i felt like i would die if i wasn't productive that moment) i started running and doing pushups until i threw up twice then i tried to make a garden but i couldn't ( didn't have the tools i needed, didn't have clothes, it was still dark out, and i tried digging up a patch of gravel....with my hands. i tore up my hands pretty bad but i didn't stop then my wife finally convinced me to wait till morning and i sat in front of the pyramid until morning but as i sat there i remember i could see people all over and it looked like the movie Apocalypse Now. i also saw my body change into that of a mayan or inca or something but my head got big as hell with a huge nose and i felt a light coming out of my gut and i looked down and it started spreading all around me ( i was back in my regular body by this point). i spent the rest of the time taking a massive piss and laying in bed covered in mud and waiting for the sun to come up. when it did i went to pet the horse and donkey and just relaxed until i completely came down also before i leave i learned that the whole point in life was to be happy, live, smile and help others. the people who live the longest tend to be the happiest and have a good sense of humor and that is why they live long. also i saw buddha and i was "told" and shown his life and how he went insane at one point because he couldn't handle it but he was not how people picture him to be today he was a regular person and that you cant be enlightened 24/7 ( at least not while your alive) but that he was a hard worker and stayed happy and tried as hard as possible to spread that love and happiness by helping others but he was not a saint or more divine than anyone else. we are all the same and we all have the same abilities it is just up to us to to put the effort to manifest what we need and to help others.

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