LSD trip report

The vial was empty. Shit. I decided I was going to take one last trip and pulled the nozzle off.
Thank God I looked inside the vial before poppin' it in my mouth to chew on- there was at least .1g of LSD crystal!! I promptly got ever clear and filled the vial with it, stirred until the crystals all dissolved and took 2 drops. I had been dosing constantly for the previous month (using and gifting the contents of the vial) so I had somewhat of a tolerance. I gave my girlfriend 2 drops as well. We waited to see what was about to about LSD

It was T+ 15 minutes. Incredibly intense vibes were running through me. I could tell- this was the strongest dose I had taken for quite some time.
I was full on trippin' balls in 35 minutes. It hit me so much faster and harder than was expected- I was out and about and being Sunday night everybody was at church.
There was barely any traffic but there were a lot of cars sitting parked on the street. "It's church hour!!" I said anxiously to my girlfriend. I was seeing mandalas open and closed eye,
I felt the body load surging. I needed to get off the road.

I went up on a mountain top to get away from everybody and let the L run its course a little bit and be in nature. We arrived and got out of the car to watch the sunset.
This sunset was spectacular- one of the most colorful sunsets I've ever seen, and it wasn't just the acid. I was overwhelmed with joy for the beauty of the situation and my girlfriend. The feelings were so intense and when coupled with the pending criminal drug charge I had I burst into tears. "It's just so beautiful," I said, "It kills me to think I could be locked away from you and nature for a year and 12 days."
I cried over the beauty for another 15 minutes. My friend called me and said we could head over.

The peak was leveling off when we got in the car- I felt much more confident in being on the road this time. It was 6 hours after our doses, and we weren't coming down.
Somehow, the vial I had created was stronger than the vial I bought in the beginning!! The rest of the night went by quickly, I sucked nitrous all evening and was tripping hard until 8 or 9 AM the next day.
The goodwill of whoever put all that crystal in the vial astounded me, If everybody was like that this world would be beautiful.

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